About HVP Arabian Stud

Our passion and dedication is to breed a beautiful and functional Arabian horse in the best and natural place where they can develop their endurance, agility and nerve.

HVP Arabian

A life linked to farming and horses till we where young when our parents Venancio Prieto y Pachín Longo raised horses, cows and other farm animals. A few years ago we fell in love with the Arabian horses and started to develop a line of Arabian horses in our farm with the best and well-known bloodlines, as Marwan Al Shaqab, Gazal Al Shaqab, El Shaklan, and more.

The stud is located in the north of Spain, in Principality of Asturias and our horses live in an unbeatable environment, a natural place with green pastures all year round and high-end facilities.

Our mares collect the work of the best Spanish breeder of arabian horse Diego Méndez, who have selected their products for years to achieve international recognition of the Arabs “pure Spanish”, who we have crossed with good horses of different origins using artificial insemination.

In this way we continue this work, looking for animals that, with good morphological characteristics, are capable of developing all their sporting skills. Above all, we have tried to preserve their docility and closeness to man, a characteristic that is the result of their coexistence for centuries.